Architect, Senior Designer and 3D Creative. Certified in Melies 3D Animation Academy.

Over the last 20 years I have worked at the iconics advertsing agencies of Brazil, such as Y&R and Leo Burnett.

The 2D Graphics and web designs projects were the inspirations of my work untill 2007, when I discovered the 3D and CG. From there, I've included this resources to my portfolio developing organic models for games, movies, advertising campaigns and also developing 3D eBooks for Apple Store.

In 2016, I've been graduated at The 3D Medical Animation Academy, a professional course for senior's 3D generalists, allowing myself to produce high-end Medical Animations.

My skills include Modeling, Retopology, Shader, Hair & Fur and Dynamics.

My work pipeline begans with the simple concepts and sketches until the final project wich could be a Logo, a Folder, or a complex 3D model, rigged and ready to animate.

I'm current working as Senior Designer at Três Comunicação, at João Pessoa, the pleasurest city of brazilian northeast coast.

That's my way of life:



TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival - Short List - Lovestrike

Annecy International Animated Film Festival - Short List - Lovestrike

3DTotal Excelence Award - Panda

CGArena.com Excelence Award - Panda

One Show, Design Merit, Packaging Design, Brazilian Espresso

Maxon Top Row Artist - T-Rex Revenge

CGHub Gold Award - Silver Back Gorilla

Maxon Top Row Artist - Great White Shark


Rederosity.com - LoveStrike

Rederosity.com - Hair and Fur Techiniques

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